The Best Natural Supplements for Puppies

Nuvet Labs - Dogs and KittensJust as many people take nutritional supplements and vitamins in order to boost their own diet, it’s important to consider adding similar vitamins and supplements to your new puppy’s diet. Many name brand dog foods promise that your pet is getting the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants it needs in order to live a long, healthy life, but the fact is that is not always true. Supplements for puppies will ensure that your new four-legged friend’s nutritional needs are met, and also help to boost its developing immune system. The right puppy vitamins can help prevent disease, injury and illness, and give your pet the best life possible.

Supplements for Dogs

Nutritional supplements designed specifically for dogs can help protect your dog against disease and also strengthen its bones, which can ultimately prevent future injuries. You might want to consider purchasing fish oil supplements for dogs, which are designed to protect your dog from allergic reactions and also works as an anti-inflammatory. If you have found that your puppy is constantly licking its paws or itching after playing outside, fish oil could be the perfect supplement to add to your dog’s diet.

Vitamins for Dogs

Puppy vitamins can help your new puppy better absorb essential nutrients and minerals and also aid in digestion. The right vitamin supplement will promote strong bone development, and also boost your puppy’s immune system. While a pet multivitamin provides plenty of health benefits, there is a chance these same vitamins can make your new dog look more beautiful, too. Vitamins have been shown to improve a dog’s coat, allowing it to appear shiny and feel soft at all times. Different formulas are available, depending on your dog’s breed, lifestyle and stage of life.
It’s important to work with your puppy’s veterinarian in order to choose the best dog food as well as the right puppy vitamins and nutritional supplements. Your vet can help you identify the specific nutritional needs for your dog’s breed and lifestyle. Whether you are raising a show dog, or you simply adopted a new puppy for extra love and companionship, you will want to make sure your puppy gets the best start in life. Consider choosing a nutritional supplement such as NuVet Plus, which is created from the highest quality human-grade ingredients. It can help support your puppy’s developing immune system and allow it to grow into a healthy, energetic adult dog.


NuVet Plus®


NuVet Plus®contains a unique, synergistic formula designed to provide exceptional immune system support that is unsurpassed by other supplements.  In addition to supporting all the internal systems, NuVet Plus® also helps to beautify the skin and coat with natural omega fatty acids that are unavailable from most foods and other supplements because they are destroyed through heat treating.  Instead of being cooked, NuVet Plus® is cold-processed to retain the nutritional potency of its natural antioxidants, amino acids, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, and it does not contain any artificial binders, fillers, or flavors that can interfere with their effectiveness.  When given as a daily nutritional supplement, NuVet Plus® helps protect pets against free radicals and other dangerous toxins they encounter on a daily basis.

NuVet Plus® contains many unique ingredients. A few unique ingredients found in NuVet Plus® are Evening Primrose Oil, Pine Bark, and Papain.  The Pine Bark (Pycnogenol®) in NuVet Plus® is extracted from the bark of French maritime pine trees and contains a natural blend of bioflavonoids.  One of the most effective antioxidants known, it reduces oxidative damage to cells and vital tissues caused by free radicals.  It also exhibits significant anti-inflammatory properties, and it has been shown to reduce cardiovascular disease and arthritis.  Evening Primrose Oil is high in Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid that is used by the skin cells to produce energy and retain moisture.

In addition, Evening Primrose Oil aids in the management of arthritis and rheumatism, and it also helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.  Papain contains digestive enzymes that aid in protein absorption and metabolism, and it also helps to cleanse the tissues and walls of the gastro-intestinal tract.  These highly nutritious ingredients, along with the many other nutrients in NuVet Plus®, work together to strengthen the immune system and support the overall health of your pet.For more details visit to