How to Survive Your Puppy’s First Vet Visit

So You Want a Puppy

ImageThe shelter gave us a voucher for a complimentary vet visit in SF, so I had to call around the East Bay to see if anyone would honor it. After checking reviews on Yelp, I finally found one that would. We still had to pay for the shot and pills but hey, every bit helps.

Here’s what you need to know for your puppy’s first checkup.

Bring a copy of the paperwork. The shelter gave us a copy of the health records that showed that our puppy had received all of his shots. Even so, our vet recommended that our puppy get vaccinated against a waterborne bacteria that was prevalent in our area. Good thing because our puppy has definitely taken a few gulps of brackish puddle water.

Ask the vet’s office for what to bring. If I hadn’t asked, I wouldn’t have known that the vet recommended saving some…

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