Foods that are safe for doggies :)

Lola's Corner

In light of Lola’s recent post regarding food and dangers to our furry friends, she’d like to let you know about a few foods that you can safely give your pups.  They will thank you for it!

Courtesy of the I ♥ Dogs Site (

7 People Foods You CAN Share With Your Dog

shutterstock_160998536Look at that face. I mean can anyone really say no? We all know that tablescraps are typically bad for our four-legged friends, but isn’t there something we can share? Much to our luck, there is! In fact, there are a few people treats we can pass over to our pups. But remember, all of the items on this list are without any extras – no butter, no salt, no sugar. They are as is, and believe it or not, your pooch will probably love them! Just remember that they are still treats, so you…

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